Unforgettable Concert Experience

Stefan WolpeWhat an unforgettable experience it was for me to come up from New York and hear the unique “Stefan-Anton-Morty-John” concert.

As a founding officer of the Stefan Wolpe Society, it was especially thrilling to hear Stefan’s now “classic” Chamber Piece No. 1 and the premiere of Austin’s new edition of the larger-than-life Concerto for Nine Instruments.

The entire program performed with such great commitment by expert musicians.

I also appreciate Robert’s entrusting the overall concept of the concert to Austin’s singular creative imagination, the massive, vivid program book, and, most important, his wisdom in encouraging Austin to trust his decades-long experience with Wolpe in daring to reconstruct the crucial missing violin part of the Concerto.

~ Cheryl Seltzer, Executive Board, Stefan Wolpe Society

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