Children’s Concert


Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, Nova Scotia

Children's Concert  - Bob Playing - Lunenburg - smaller


Innovative and creative … a new approach for introducing young kids to classical music using the flute and piano. [Download Script]

NOTE:  The music excerpts below are small slices of the piece to give you ideas.  They are performed by various artists … not Robert Aitken.

1. Set the stage … with different sized bottles filled with water.

2. Make the performance a game for kids by playing different parts of the flute on their own – without the head joint, much like a shakuhachi.

3. Turn the performance into a fun contest between the flute and piano. [Music Selection: Fantasie, Hue]

4. Introduce another instrument (piccolo) with a challenge.  [Music Selection:  An Irish Tune]

4. Ask kids what kind of sounds a flute is good for making … answer being birds.  [Music Excerpt:  Peter and the Wolf, Prokofiev]  [Music Excerpt: Le Merle Noir, Messiaen]

5. Compare the sounds of flute and piccolo by playing the same piece on both instruments. [Music Excerpt:  Serenade,  Op. 41, Beethoven]

6. Invite the kids to dance.  [Music Excerpt:  Bacchanal, Saint-Saens]


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Children's Concert - Kids Dancing - cropped

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