A Testimonial from Bill McBirnie…

Robert Aitken is likely one of the best (if not THE best) clinician alive today!

So, if you are in a position to go to this [attend a masterclass], then you really, REALLY should go!

I took one of my students to a rare clinic he did here in his own home town of Toronto last year and, after ALL of the clinics he had ever attended (here, at the NFA, etc.), he was absolutely flabbergasted!

…Of course, it was nothing new to me, because I am a former student of Robert’s!… 🙂  But, over the years, I have come to realize that what I am saying here is true…


Bill McBirnie – Extreme Flute
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Flute Summer School in Italy 2014

Robert Aitken announces his 11th Annual MasterclasBetter Bob with flute demonstrating diaphragm bouncess and Workshop for advanced flutists who want to be their best.

Each of the magical and transformational ten days of summer school is filled with group exercises, individual instruction on solo repertoire and flute chamber music.

Two public concerts are performed featuring soloists and ensembles.

Breathing, technique and musicality techniques unique to Aitken will be shared.

Pulling from a legacy of seven years with the legendary Marcel Moyse and forging that insight with insightful understanding of how to make the flute respond like no other, Bob creates a special learning environment where everyone shines.

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Robert Aitken is one of the world’s foremost flutists, soloing around the world … a contemporary of James Galway and William Bennett to name just a few.  While he is noted for his remarkable skill with, and passion for, new music, he is equally inspiring in Baroque, Classical, Romantic … and endless more.  (See over 70 Robert Aitken recordings.)


Pure Poetry

Austin ClarksonBob, last night’s concert was pure poetry from beginning to end.

The Cage and Feldman pieces were luminous – refined sounds and breathing presence, the pace beautifully sustained and the textures crafted and balanced with incredible delicacy.

And the ensemble pieces! The Webern burnished to a jewel-like sheen – the “Viennese espressivo” with vibrant rhythmic life. The first performance was edgier, the second in the centre of the pulse – wonderful to hear the piece with two different energies.

The Wolpe pieces were terrific. I am especially grateful for all the effort you put into the Concerto, to find your way through all those notes to the heart of the piece.

~ Austin Clarkson, Director: New Music Concerts, The Stefan Wolpe Society

Unforgettable Concert Experience

Stefan WolpeWhat an unforgettable experience it was for me to come up from New York and hear the unique “Stefan-Anton-Morty-John” concert.

As a founding officer of the Stefan Wolpe Society, it was especially thrilling to hear Stefan’s now “classic” Chamber Piece No. 1 and the premiere of Austin’s new edition of the larger-than-life Concerto for Nine Instruments.

The entire program performed with such great commitment by expert musicians.

I also appreciate Robert’s entrusting the overall concept of the concert to Austin’s singular creative imagination, the massive, vivid program book, and, most important, his wisdom in encouraging Austin to trust his decades-long experience with Wolpe in daring to reconstruct the crucial missing violin part of the Concerto.

~ Cheryl Seltzer, Executive Board, Stefan Wolpe Society

Egnatoff Presents at NFA

Bill Egnatoff's presentation of Bob's Pedagogue


William Egnatoff, Ph.D.,(far left)  gave an engaging presentation to flutists at the National Flute Association’s annual conference in New Orleans.

The topic was Robert Aitken and some of the highlights of his teachings.  The room was full of interested flutists of all ages and backgrounds.

Bill enlightened many on the breathing techniques and the flow of air for which Bob is so famous.  Watch for Robert Aitken’s biography and a book on this teachings, co-authored by Egnatoff and Aitken.

Stefan Meets Anton-Morty Meets John

Stefan Meets Anton




Come enjoy a New Music Concerts event on October 6, 2013. You’ll be enlightened with the Introduction at 7:15 and the Concert at 8:00. And you may wish to attend the Afternoon Symposium at 2:30 [Read more…]

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