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Robert Aitken Renowned Flutist - NY TimesFlutists are popular with audiences!

The repertoire below shows what virtuosic music is available for concert band.

One of the many programming ideas features Aitken performing Gordeli’s “Flute Concerto in D”, followed by a duo with Aitken and the band’s Principal Flutist playing Dopplers’ “Rigoletto and Fantaisie, Op 38”.

Flute Concerto in D, Gordeli, Otar

Composed in 1958. Published in 1960.  Transcribed for concert band by Kenneth Singleton in 1998.  This solo is cast in a single sonata-form movement. The style seems reminiscent of the best known Georgian composer, Aram Khachaturian, with some of George Gershwin’s melodic turns and harmonies added to the mix. 
View Score Excerpts:  Pg 1-4       Pg 5-10       Pg 42 – 48

Doppler, Karl and Franz.  Rigoletto and Fantaisie Op 38.

Written for two masterful flutists and piano. Transcribed for concert band by Gregg Knapp.  A dazzling piece that has audiences buzzing. A perfect way to pair your guest soloist with your principal flutist.  Audiences love virtuosic duos.
Listen to a Recording: Aitken and Oien performing. (Sample with piano).
Review Band Score upon request.

A Few of Aitken’s  Favorites  for Concert Band

  • Concerto in D, Gordeli
  • Concert for Flute and Wind Orchestra, Badings
  • Concerto for Flute and Wind Band, Mower
  • Concerto for Flute and Wind Ensemble, Plog
  • Serenade, Hanson
  • Sixth Solo, Demersseman
  • Fantaisie, Hue
  • Rigoletto and Fantasisie, Doppler (Duo)

There is a wealth of music available for flute and concert band. For additional programming ideas, arrange to talk directly with Robert Aitken.

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