Canada’s Virtuoso Flutist

Robert Aitken’s incomparable performances continue to astound listeners around the world through his prolific, remarkable recordings.

virtuoso_fluteThe Virtuoso Flute

Robert Aitken, flute, Elisabeth Westenholz, piano
with Per Oien, flute, Geir Westenholz, piano
1978, 1979 & 1980 on LP; 1995 re-mastered as BIS CD-166

Paul Taffanel: Fantasy on Der Freischutz 00:11:00. Friedrich Kuhlau: Introduction and Rondo on Le Colporteur, Op. 98 00:08:21. Nicolo Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. 1 – No. 24 in A minor (arr. for flute and piano) 00:06:49; Camille Saint-Saens: Adagio and Variation on Airs de Ballet d’Ascanio 00:03:39. Theobald Bohm: Grande Polonaise, Op. 16 00:10:40. Franz Doppler: Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26 00:10:29, Berceuse, Op. 15 00:04:06, Franz Doppler/Karl Doppler: Rigoletto, fantasie Op. 38 00:10:10; Andante and Rondo, Op. 25 – I. Andante 00:04:05, II. Rondo 00:04:13

the_romantic_fluteThe Romantic Flute

Robert Aitken, flute, Robin McCabe, piano
1980 & 1981 on LP; 1994 re-mastered as BIS CD-183

Franz Schubert: Introduction and Variations on “Trockne Blumen”, Op. 160, D. 802 00:19:37. Franz Xavier Mozart: Rondo in E minor 00:05:56. Carl Reinecke: Flute Sonata, Op. 167, “Undine” – I. Allegro 00:06:06, II. Intermezzo: Allegretto vivace 00:03:47, III. Andante tranquillo 00:03:40, IV. Finale: Allegro molto agitato, quasi presto 00:06:13. Marin Marais: Pieces de Viole, Livre II: Les folies d’Espagne 00:17:15. Eugene Bozza: Image, Op. 38 00:04:04.

flute_and_harpFlute and Harp

Robert Aitken, flute, Erica Goodman, harp
1979 on LP; 1994 re-mastered as BIS CD143

Louis Spohr: Sonate concertante, Op. 113 – I. Allegro brillante 00:09:16, II. Adagio 00:04:17, III. Rondo: Allegretto 00:06:21. Gaetano Donizetti: Sonata for flute and harp – I. Larghetto 00:03:31, II. Allegro Gallemberg 00:01:03, Jean-Baptiste Krumpholtz: Sonata in F major for flute and harp – I. Allegro 00:05:03, II. Romanze 00:03:15, III. Tempo di minuetto 00:04:17. Alan Hovhaness: The Garden of Adonis, Op. 245 – I. Largo 00:01:57, II. Allegro 00:01:28, III. Adagio, Like a Solemn Dance 00:02:58, IV. Allegro 00:02:32, V. Grave 00:01:21, VI. Allegretto 00:01:31, VII. Andante molto espressivo 00:02:32.


French_Flute-Vol_3French Flute Music (Vol. 3)

Robert Aitken, flute, Robin McCabe, piano
1981 on LP: BIS LP-184; 1988 re-mastered as BIS CD-184

Paul Taffanel: Andante Pastorale 00:03:36; Scherzettino 00:01:38. Charles-Marie Widor: Flute Suite, Op. 34 – I. Moderato 00:03:52, II. Scherzo: Allegro vivace 00:02:24, III. Romance: Andantino 00:04:49, IV. Final: Vivace 00:04:34. Eugene Bozza: 3 Impressions – I. La Fontaine de la Ville Medicis 00:03:08, II. La petite Nymphe de Diane 00:01:58, III. La Danse d’Elke 00:01:43. Andre Caplet: 2 Petites pieces – I. Reverie 00:04:24, II. Petite valse 00:02:14. Andre Jolivet: Chant de Linos 00:09:51.


Doppler_Vol_1François and Charles Doppler:
The Complete Music for Flute and Piano

Per Oien and Robert Aitken, flutes, Geir Henning, piano
1978-9. 3-BIS LP-128, 145, 146; re-mastered as a double disc BIS CD-145-146

Disc 1: Franz Doppler: Concert – paraphrase sur des motifs de l’opera Die Verschworenen de Schubert, Op. 18 00:07:23; Fantaisie pastorale hongroise, Op. 26 00:10:27; Air valaques, Op. 10 00:11:59. Franz Doppler/Karl Doppler: Andante and Rondo, Op. 25 – I. Andante 00:04:05, II. Rondo 00:04:13. Franz Doppler: Chanson d’amour, Op. 20 00:10:19; Potpourri: Zampa pour 2 flutes 00:08:03; L’oiseau des bois, Op. 21 00:05:11; Souvenir de Rigi, Op. 34 00:06:48; Nocturne, Op. 19 00:05:25.

Doppler_Vol_2Disc 2: Franz Doppler/Karl Doppler: Valse di bravura, Op. 33 00:09:27; Fantasie sur des motifs hongrois, Op. 35 00:10:40; Rigoletto, fantasie, Op. 38 00:10:10; Souvenir de Prague sur des motifs bohemiens, Op. 24 00:10:54. Franz Doppler: Duettino sur des motifs hongrois, Op. 36 00:07:10; Souvenir a Mme. Adelina Patti – sur des motifs de l’opera La Sonnambula de Bellini, Op. 42 00:07:13; Nocturne, Op. 17 00:04:56; Mazurka de salon, Op. 16 00:03:28; Potpourri: La Barbier de Sevilla 00:09:54.


Toward_the_seaToward the Sea: Music for Flute and Harp

Robert Aitken, flute, Erica Goodman, harp
1995. BIS CD-650

D.E. Inghelbrecht: Flute Sonatina – I. Preambule: Calme et modere (sans lenteur) 00:04:52, II. Sicilienne: Andantino 00:03:03, III. Rondes: Vivace 00:02:26. Jean-Michel Damase: Flute Sonata – I. Allegro moderato 00:06:27, II. Andante con moto 00:05:01, III. Allegro vivo 00:02:43, IV. Adagio – Presto 00:02:36. Joseph Lauber: 4 Danses Medievales – I. Rigaudon: Allegretto 00:02:39, II. Mascarade: Allegro moderato 00:03:16, III. Pavane: Moderato 00:03:15, IV. Gaillarde: Moderato 00:03:59.

Carmen Petra-Basacopol: Flute Sonata – I. Allegro appassionato 00:04:35, II. Andante espressivo, rubato 00:03:42, III. Allegro vivo 00:02:58. Toru Takemitsu: Toward the Sea III – I. The Night 00:04:10, II. Moby Dick 00:04:07, III. Cape Cod 00:03:30.




peter_paul_KoprowskiPeter Paul Koprowski

Flute Concerto / Accordion Concerto / Viola Concerto
Robert Aitken, flute, Rivka Golani, viola, Joseph Petric, accordion
Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Jukka-Pekka Saraste
2001. SMCD 5206 CBC Records

Peter Paul Koprowski: Flute Concerto – I. Adagio – Allegro 00:08:52, II. Lento 00:05:38, III. Presto 00:07:46. Accordion Concerto – I. Festa 00:05:48, II. Cantilena 00:06:58, III. Danza 00:06:05. Viola Concerto – I. Moderato – Prestissimo 00:07:30, II. Andante 00:07:43, III. Presto 00:06:53


.P.E.Bach-Flute_ConcertosC.P.E. Bach: Flute Concertos

Robert Aitken flute
CBC Vancouver Orchestra, Mario Bernardi Conductor
Colin Tilney harpsichord, Margaret Gay cello
1999. SMCD 5177-2 CBC Records

C.P.E. Bach: Concerto for Flute and strings in G Major, H445(Wq169) 24:38; Concerto for Flute and strings in A Major, H438(Wq168) 19:06; Concerto for Flute and strings in A minor, H431(Wq166) 24:38; Concerto for Flute and strings in D minor, H484 21:56; Concerto for Flute and strings in B Flat Major, H435(Wq167) 22:34; Sonata for Flute and Continuo in G Major, (Wq 133) 9:34; Sonata for Solo Flute in A minor, H555(Wq128) 10:09.

music_for_heaven_and_earthMusic for Heaven and Earth

Esprit Orchestra, Alex Pauk
1995. SMCD5154 CBC Records

Colin McPhee – Nocturne 00:07:12; Harry Freedman – Touching 00:22:18; Alexina Louie – Music for Heaven and Earth – I. Procession of Celestial Deities 00:03:14, II. Thunder Dragon 00:03:17, III. The Void 00:04:40, IV. Earthrise 00:06:49, V. River of Stars 00:04:50. Robert Aitken – Berceuse, for those who sleep before us – I. Berceuse 00:05:38, II. Cadenza 0:02:15, III. Cortege 00:09:14. Robert Aitken, solo flute

o_baliMcPhee / Evangelista / Duggan:

O Bali – Colin McPhee and his Legacy
Robert Aitken, New Music Concerts, Arraymusic, The Evergreen Club Gamelan
1993. MVCD 1057 CBC Records

Colin McPhee – Lagoe Sesoeloelingan Ardja 00:02:14 (Robert Aitken, flute, Marc Widner, piano); Colin McPhee – Suite in Six Movements (Robert Aitken, New Music Concerts Ensemble) – I. Babar Layar 00:05:40, II. Gending Luang 00:04:54, III. Seduk Maru 00:03:45, IV. Gambangan 00:01:49, V. Pemoengka 00:02:37, VI. Babar Layar 00:05:41. Colin McPhee: Kambing Slem 00:02:03 ( Robert Aitken, flute, Marc Widner, piano). Jose Evangelista: O Bali 00:11:17 (Robert and Dianne Aitken, flutes, New Music Concerts Ensemble). Mark Duggan: Evocation – Gentle Rain Falling 00:09:22. Jon Siddall – Jakarta Sleep 00:13:39. Andrew Timar – Leaves from Palimpsest 00:13:19 (Evergreen Club Gamelan)

rmurrayschaferR. Murray Schafer

Flute Concerto / Harp Concerto / The Darkly Splendid Earth – The Lonely Traveller
Robert Aitken, flute, Judy Loman, harp, Jacques Israelievitch, violin
Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, The Toronto Symphony
Kazuyoshi Akiyama, Andrew Davis, Gunter Herbig, conductors
1992. SMCD 5114 CBC Records

R. Murray Schafer: Flute Concerto – I. Fast & frenzied 00:04:58, II. Very Slow 00:11:5, III. Quickly and lightly 00:07:17. Harp Concerto – I. Very relaxed 00:12:22, II. Spirited 00:06:12, III. Energetically 00:07:54. The Darkly Splendid Earth – The Lonely Traveller 0:21:52

Franco Mannino (Conductor), Robert Aitken (Flute),
National Arts Centre Orchestra
1987. SMCD 5078 CBC Records
Re-issued 2006 on Universal Eloquence label EQCBC6892

Flute Concerto No. 1 in G major, K. 313 – I. Allegro Maestoso – 09:29, II. Adagio non troppo – 09:00, III. Rondo – Tempo di Menuetto – 07:13. Rondo in D major for Flute and Orchestra, K. Anh. 184 – 05:46. Flute Concerto No. 2 in D major, K. 314 – I. Allegro operto – 07:35, II. Andante ma non troppo – 07:31, III. Allegro – 05:24. Andante in C major for Flute and orchestra, K. 315 – 06:33

StamitzSTAMITZ: Flute Concertos

©2009 Naxos Rights International Ltd.
Playing Time 69:15
Recorded at St. Catherine’s Concert Hall, Vilnius, Lithuania, from 22nd to 24th June, 2006
Producer and Engineer: Tim Handley

A pioneer in the development of the symphony, Johann Stamitz also composed several concertos, including fourteen for flute. The four flute concertos presented here show what delightful results came from the combination of Stamitz’s lively musical imagination with the talents of the highly admired Mannheim orchestra’s players for whom they were written. Virtuosity, lyricism and a dash of Bohemian spirit characterize these charming works, in which the emergence of the Classical style from its Baroque antecedents can be heard.



secret_of_the_seven_startsSecret of the Seven Stars

Music by Hope Lee and David Eagle
2012 Centrediscs
CMCCD 18012

David Eagle: Waves and Points; Fluctuares; Bellwind. Hope Lee: Secret of the Seven Stars; and the end is the beginning.

Robert Aitken, flute and direction; New Music Concerts ensemble; Stefan Hussong, accordion.


neue_bilderNeue Bilder

The Music of James Harley
2012 Centrediscs
CMCCD 16010

James Harley: Portrait for flute – 1.Frame (Prelude), 2.Portrait, 3.Frame (Postlude). Épanoui, for flute, cello & piano; Tyee, for flute & percussion; aXis, for ensemble. John Hess, piano; David Hetherington, cello; Trevor Tureski, percussion; Robert Aitken flute; Dianne Aitken, flute (bass); New Music Concerts Ensemble, Robert Aitken, conductor

this_isnt_silenceThis Isn’t Silence

Music of Brian Current
2009 Centrediscs
Centrediscs CMCCD 12607

CBC Radio Orchestra; Esprit Orchestra; New Music Concerts; Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra

Brian Current: This Isn’t Silence; For the Time Being; Concertino for flutes and string orchestra (Robert Aitken, flute); Kazabazua; Symphonies in Slanted Time.

Renew'd_at_Evry_GlanceRenew’d at Ev’ry Glance

Music by David Eagle and Hope Lee
2008 Centrediscs
CMCCD 13708

1 David Eagle: Renew’d at ev’ry glance (1985), Banff Centre Ensemble. :2 Hope Lee: Fei Yang (2000) New Music Concerts Ensemble. 3 David Eagle: Breath (1998) Accordes String Quartet, 4 Hope Lee: Voices in Time (1992-4) New Music Concerts Ensemble, Robert Aitken, conductor.


norma_beecroftCanadian Composers Portraits: Norma Beecroft

Norma Beecroft
2003 Centrediscs / Centredisques
CMCCD 9303

CD 1: Beecroft documentary produced and prepared by Eitan Cornfield
CD 2: 1. Improvvisazioni Concertanti No. 1; 2. From Dreams of Brass; 3. Collage ’76; 4. Jeu ll; 5. Accordion Play; 6. Amplified String Quartet with Tape

PERFORMERS Robert Aitken, Mary Morrison, Barry Morse, John Lynch, George Morgan, Rivka Golani, Bill Brennan, Joseph Petric ENSEMBLES Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Accordes String Quartet, CBC Toronto Orchestra and Choir, New Music Concerts Ensemble CONDUCTORS Robert Aitken, John Avison, Victor Feldbrill




York Winds
7301 Centrediscs / Centredisques
CMCCD 7301

5-8. Quintessant; ROBERT AITKEN: 9. Folia; MICHAEL PARKER: 10. Chloe.

elmer_iselerElmer Iseler Conducts Canadian Music

1999 Centrediscs / Centredisques
CMCCD 6599

WORKS/TRACKS: R. MURRAY SCHAFER: 1. Sun; OSKAR MORAWETZ: 2. Who Has Allowed Us To Suffer?; HARRY FREEDMAN: 3. Pastorale; CLIFFORD FORD: 4-8. Mass; ANDRE PREVOST: 9. Ahimsa.
PERFORMERS Lawrence Cherney, Sandra Graham, Robert Aitken

jean_papineau-coutureJean Papineau-Couture

1999 Centrediscs / Centredisques
CMCCD 6499

WORKS/TRACKS: 1. Idée; 2-5. Dialogues; 6. Départ; 7. Verségères; 8. Slano; 9. Nuit.
PERFORMERS Robert Aitken, Louis-Philippe Pelletier, Denise Lupien


talivaldis_keninsTalivaldis Kenins

1997 Centrediscs / Centredisques
CMCCD 5997

WORKS/TRACKS: Talivaldis Kenins: 1-4. Sonata for cello and piano; 5-7. Concertante for flute and piano; 8-10. Piano Quartet No.2
PERFORMERS Robert Aitken, Steven Dann, William Aide, David Hetherington, Paul Meyer



romantic_fluteThe Romantic Flute

Marquis Classics ERAD 9020 © 1994
A collection of romantic and melodic music featuring the flute from other Marquis releases.
Includes both well-known works such as Debussy’s “Clair de Lune,” and lesser known pieces such as Miyagi’s “The Sea in Springtime.” Artists include: Robert Aitken, Rachel Gauk, Erica Goodman, Susan Hoeppner, Judy Loman, Gloria Saarinen, Lydia Wong. Selections include Robert Aitken and Erica Goodman performing:

Fauré – Berceuse 2:58; Gaubert – Madrigal 3:35; Debussy – Clair de lune 4:01; Gluck – Minuet and Dance of the Blessed Spirits 5:48; Satie – Gymnopédies I 2:55; Fauré – Sicilienne 3:10.

jeuxadeuxJeux à Deux: Music For Flute And Harp

Robert Aitken, flute; Erica Goodman, harp
Marquis Classics 774718110121 © 1982

Gossec: Tambourin for Flute & Orchestra 1:20. Satie: Gymnopedie for Piano No.1, for Piano Gymnopedies I 2:57. Satie: Gymnopedie for Piano No.3, for Piano Gymnopedies III 2:11. Couperin: Pièces de Clavecin, for Harpsichord, Book III Le Tic-Toc-Choc 2:35. Gluck: Dance of The Blessed Spirits (Melody) (From “Orfeo Ed Euridice”) 5:54, Debussy: Children’s Corner, Suite for Piano (Or Orchestra), L. 113 Le Petit Berger 2:20. Fauré: Sicilienne, for Cello & Piano, Op. 78 Version for Flute & Harp 3:12. Ibert: Entr’acte for Flute (or Violin) & Harp (or Guitar) 3:02. Debussy: Claire de Lune 4:04. Gaubert: Orientale 2:29. Lully: Gavotte, for Orchestra 1:48. Gaubert: Madrigal for Flute & Piano 3:40. Ravel: Vocalise-Étude en forme de Habanera 2:51. Fauré: Berceuse, for Violin & Piano (or Orchestra) In D Major, Op. 16 3:01

erotikos_logosErotikos Logos

Vocal Music of Christos Hatzis
Robert Aitken, conductor
Marquis Classics ERAD 197 © 1996

Hatzis: Three Songs on Poems by Sappho (Monica Whicher, soprano); Erotikos Logos (Ronald Greydanus, countertenor); – Arcana (Monica Whicher, soprano)



lutoslawskiLutosławski’s Last Concert

Fujiko Imajishi (violin) & Valdine Anderson (soprano)
New Music Concerts Ensemble, Witold Lutosławski
2010. NAXOS 8.572450

Lutoslawski: Partita; Interlude; Chain I and II; Chantefleurs et Chantefables.


elliott_carterElliott Carter: 100th Anniversary

New Music Concerts Ensemble
Robert Aitken, flute and direction
2008. NAXOS 8.559614 – Includes bonus DVD

Carter: Mosaic; Dialogues; Srivo in Vento; Gra; Figment No. 1; Figment No. 2; Riconoscenza per Goffredo Petrassi; Rhapsodic Musings; Enchanted Preludes.


George_CrumbGeorge Crumb: Vox Balaenae

Robert Aitken, flute and direction
New Music Concerts Ensemble
2006. Naxos 8.555859

Crumb: Vox balaenae 00:18:50; Federico’s Little Songs for Children – I. La Senorita del abanico (Senorita of the Fan) 00:02:13, II. La tarde (Afternoon) 00:01:49, III. Cancion cantada (A Song Sung) 00:01:19, IV. Caracola (Snail) 00:02:36, V. El lagarto esta llorando! (The Lizard is Crying) 00:02:06, VI. Cancioncilla sevillana (A Little Song from Seville) 00:01:51, VII. Cancion tonta (Silly Song) 00:01:31. An Idyll for the Misbegotten, “Images III” 00:09:51. Eleven Echoes of Autumn 00:17:36.


Toru_TakemitsuToru Takemitsu

Robert Aitken, flute and direction
New Music Concerts Ensemble
2003. Naxos 8.555859

Takemitsu: And Then I Knew ‘Twas Wind 00:12:55. Rain Tree 00:12:34. Toward the Sea – I – The Night 00:03:33, II – Moby Dick 00:04:10, III – Cape Cod 00:03:36. Bryce 00:10:38. Itinerant 00:04:25. Voice 00:05:16. Air 00:06:09. Rain Spell 00:08:37




JS_BACH-Flute_SonatasJ.S. BACH – Flute Sonatas
C.P.E. BACH – Flute Concerto in D

Robert Aitken, flute; Greta Kraus, harpsichord; Vancouver Chamber Orchestra, John Eliot Gardiner
Doremi DHR-6011 © 2013

J.S. Bach – Sonatas for Flute and harpsichord. Sonata in B minor. BWV1030; Sonata in Eb major. BWV 1031; Sonata in A major BWV1032 (direct to disc recording, Toronto 1979). Partita for Flute and Harpsichord in C minor. BWV 997 (Recorded 1969) Robert Aitken, flute; Greta Kraus, harpsichord. C.P.E. Bach – Flute Concerto in D minor Wq 22. Robert Aitken, flute; Vancouver Chamber Orchestra; John Eliot Gardiner (Live performance, Vancouver 1981).

DUOSDUOS – Charles Wuorinen Series

Various soloists
Albany Records TROY1077 © 2008

Wuorinen: Sonata for Guitar and Piano (1995); Never Again The Same (2006); Eleven Short Pieces (2006); Divertimento for Alto Saxophone and Piano (1982); Percussion Duo (1979); Psalm 39 (1979); Duo Sonata for Flute and Piano (2004), first recording: Robert Aitken, flute, James Avery, piano

Stefan_Wolpe_Volume-4Stefan Wolpe Volume 4

Heinz Holliger, Robert Aitken, James Avery
Ensemble SurPlus
Bridge Records BRIDGE 9215 © 2007

Wolpe: Oboe Sonata Fragment* (1937) – Heinz Holliger, oboe, James Avery, piano. Sonata for Oboe and Piano (1937-1938, 1941) – Heinz Holliger, oboe, James Avery, piano. Song, Speech, Hymn, Strophe (1939) – Heinz Holliger, oboe, James Avery, piano. Piece in Two Parts for Flute and Piano (1959-1960) – Robert Aitken, flute, James Avery, piano. Piece for Oboe, Cello, Percussion and Piano (1955) – Peter Veale, oboe, Beverley Ellis, cello, Pascal Pons, percussion, James Avery, piano

BundesjugendorchesterMessiaen, Koechlin, Ravel, Misc Orchestra Works

Bundesjugendorchester / Freiburger Musik Forum
conductor Heinz Holliger
Ars Musici AMP 5082-2 © 2007

Messiaen – Les offrandes oubliées (1930) 10:58. Messiaen – Concert à quatre (1991) – I. Entrée 6:11, II. Vocalise 4:29, III. Cadenza 4:57, IV. Rondeau 10:32. Koechlin – Les Bandar-log Op 176 18:03. Ravel – Bolero (1927) 15:15

Henry_BrantHenry Brant: Music for Massed Flutes

The New York Flute Club with Robert Aitken

New World Records 80636-2 © 2006

Brant: Ghosts and Gargoyles (2001) 21:30.

Mass in Gregorian Chant (1984) 14:39; Angels and Devils (1931) 20:03


SonglinesKlaus Hinrich Stahmer: Songlines

various soloists
Radio Bremen / kreuzberg records kr 10035 © 1998

Herr der Winde 14:59 (Robert Aitken, flute); Dschukurrpa 11:54; Kumanyayi 9:58; Kuruwarri 13:48; Berlin Songline 14:51



KrzysztofMeyerKrzysztof Meyer: Trios

Deutschen Streichtrio, Trio Wawelskie,
Robert Aitken, flute, Reinbert Evers, guitar, Eckart Schloifer, viola
ProViva ISPV 176 CD © 1996

Meyer: Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano Op. 50 – I Impetuoso 2:48, II Adagio Inquieto 10:02, III Allegretto Capriccioso 3:47, IV Cantabile I Furioso 4:28, V Con Moto 13:38. Trio for Flute, Viola and Guitar Op. 78 – I Precipitando 1:19, II Misterioso 5:40, III Lontano 1:22, IV Vivo 4:05, V Indifferente 2:01. String Trio Op. 81 – I: 7:26, II: 5:51, III: 7:57, IV: 7:14

Portrait_of_Atli_Heimir_SveinssonPortrait of Atli Heimir Sveinsson

Robert Aitken, flute, Ingvar Jonasson, viola, Oddur Bjornsson, trombone
Iceland Symphony Orchestra
Pall P. Palsson and Gudmundur Emilsson, conductors
ITM ITM 7-06 © 1993

Sveinsson: Flute Concerto 16:59; Konnun (Exploration) for viola and orchestra; Jubilus II for trombone and orchestra.

Winning_MusicWinning Music

Award Winning Compositions by Latvian Composers
Latvian Music Information Centre LMIC 007 © 2006

Eriks Esenvads – Legend of the Walled-in Woman 11:55. Peteris Butans – There Flows a Never-Ending Stream of Light 11:15. Santa Ratniece – …the sense of nacre 11:05. Andris Dzenitsis – Seven Madrigals of e.e. cummings 16:52 (Dzentsis performed by New Music Concerts, Robert Aitken, direction)

Cum_Grano_SalisCum Grano Salis

Robert Aitken, flutes; Reinbert Evers, guitar;
Stephan Froleyks, percussion; Annette Kleine, mezzo-soprano
ambitus music production amb 96867 © 2004

Uros Rojko (*1954): Cum Grano Salis, 2004. Toru Takemitsu (1930-1996): Sacrifice, 1962. Dieter Schnebel (*1930): Jo-Fabel, 1996

Diego_LuzuriagaDiego Luzuriaga

Concerto: Chamber and orchestral music
various soloists and ensembles
promotional CD © 2004

Luzuriaga: Liturgia/Procesional 10:15; Responsorio 8:29; Yaravi 7:31 (Robert Aitken with the Cuarteto Latinoamericano); Yumbo 6:05 (Robert Aitken with the Cuarteto Latinoamericano); Procesion 7:53; Canticum Canticorum 6:03; Galante 2:18; Canticum Canticorum / violin & cello 4:38; Nocturno 2:10; Vals 1:51; Amor Impossible 3:43

StrangeSphereStrange Sphere: Music of Rudolph Komorous

Turning Point Ensemble, Owen Underhill, conductor
New Music Concerts Ensemble, Eve Egoyan, piano,
Robert Aitken, conductor
Artifact Records ART030 © 2004

Rudolph Komorous: Strange Sphere 4:56; Ritratto di Laura Battifierri 11:02; The Seven Sides of Maxine’s Silver Die 11:43; (NMC Ensemble); Tango 9:15; Lurid Bride 31:02

Tango_NuevoTango Nuevo: Music of Astor Piazzolla

Sylvie Proulx, guitar, Robert Aitken, flute, Joseph Petric, accordion
Zorro Productions CD 1192 © 1998

Piazzolla: 1. Verano Porteño. 2. Histoire du Tango/Bordel. 3. Histoire du Tango/Caf. 4. Histoire du Tango/Night-Club. 5. Histoire du Tango/Concert d’Aujourdhui. 6. Inverno Porteño. 7. Tango #3. 8. Adios Nonino. 9. Double Concerto for Guitar and Bandoneon/Introduction. 10. Double Concerto for Guitar and Bandoneon/Milonga. 11. Double Concerto for Guitar and Bandoneon/Tango

Portrait_of_Rainer_BischofPortrait of Rainer Bischof

Wiener Concert-Verein
Robert Aitken, flute and conductor
KOCH-Schwann 3-1073-2 © 1998

Bischof: Kammersinfonie Op. 25; Sinfonia Op. 40; Largo desolato Op. 20; Flute Concerto Op. 11/1 (Robert Aitken, soloist); Deduktionen for string orchestra Op. 7.

Vive_la_fluteVive la flute!

Drittes Flotenfest 26 & 27 April 1997
Osterreichische Flotengesellschaft
OFG CD 199-903 © 1999

Festival performances by Jean-Louis Beaumadier. Michel Debost,
Emmanuel Pahud and Robert Aitken (Devienne Flute Concerto No. 7)

Kazuo_FukushimaComplete Flute Works of Kazuo Fukushima.

Y. Takahashi piano.

Columbia-Denon OX-7136-ND © 1998

(re-issue of 1977 LP)


Flute_and_HarpFlute & Harp: Robert Aitken & Erica Goodman

1985. BIS CD-320

Antonio Zamara/Franz Doppler: Casilda fantaisie 00:11:30. Henk Badings: Ballade 00:13:42. Francois-Joseph Naderman/Jean-Louis Tulou: Nocturne – I. Larghetto sostenuto 00:03:15, II. Andante poco allegretto 00:04:28, III. Allegro ma non troppo 00:03:02. Marjan Mozetich: Flute and Harp Sonata – I. Moderato 00:06:48, II. Lullaby 00:04:26, III. Rondo 00:10:16

French_Flute_Vol_2French Flute Music (Vol. 2)

Robert Aitken, flute
1982 on LP-178: BIS
Claude Debussy: Syrinx 00:03:08. Pierre-Octave Ferroud: 3 Pieces – I. Bergere captive 00:02:20, II. Jade 00:01:34, III. Toan – Yan (La Fete du Double – Cinq) 00:04:11. Andre Jolivet: 5 Incantations – I. Pour accueillir les negociateurs – et que l’entreveu soit pacifique 00:01:50, II. Pour que l’enfant qui va naitre soit un fils 00:03:09, III. Pour que la moisson soit riche qui naitra des sillons qur le laboureur trace 00:03:05, IV. Pour une communion sereine de l’etre avec le monde 00:04:02, V. Aux funerailles du chef – pour obtenir la protection de son ame 00:04:29.


New_Music_90New Music 90

New Music Concerts Ensemble, Robert Aitken, director
New Music Concerts NMC-001 © 1990

Tremblay – Trio Jubilus 16:25; Beecroft – Troissants 11:41; Aitken – Shadows III: Nira 11:55; Beecroft – Jeu II 8:54; Xenakis – Waarg 16:11


Beethoven_SerenadenBeethoven Serenaden Op. 8 und Op. 25

Robert Aitken, flute, Mendelssohn-Ensemble
FSM Adagio FCD 91 236 © 1989

Beethoven – Serenade in D Major for String Trio Op. 8 – I. Marcia. Allegro 1:13, II. Adagio 5:41, III. Menuetto. Allegretto 2:24, IV. Adagio – Scherzo (Allegro Molto) – Adagio – Allegro Molto – Adagio 5:34, V. Allegretto Alla Polacca 3:17, VI. Andante Quasi Allegretto Attacca 8:42, VII. Marcia. Allegro 1:26. Beethoven – Serenade in D Major for Flute, Violin and Viola Op. 25 – I. Entrata. Allegro 3:30, II. Tempo Ordinario D’un Menuetto 5:13, III. Allegro Molto 2:12, IV. Andante Con Variazioni 6:32, V. Allegro Scherzando E Vivace 1:45, VI. Adagio – Allegro Vivace E Disinvolto 5:12.


MirageMirage – Baltic Compositions for Guitar and Orchestra

Reinbert Evers, guitar, Robert Aitken, flute
St. Christopher Chamber Orchestra Vilnius, conductor: Donatas Katkus
ambitus music production amb 96901 © 2007

Anatolijus Senderovas (*1945) Ich habe auch Arme ausgestreckt – Mirage (2006), concert for guitar and string orchestra. Eriks Esenvalds (*1977) Songs of Silence (2006) for guitar and string orchestra. Arvo Pärt (*1935) – Fratres (1977/1992), version for guitar and string orchestra. Tonu Korvits (*1969) Songs on the Bridge of Encounters (2006) for guitar and strings. Osvaldas Balakauskas (*1937) Odyssey from B to C (2003/2005) version for flute, guitar and string orchestra


J.S. Bach: Brandenburg Concertos

CBC Vancouver Orchestra
Mario Bernardi, conductor
1983. 2-CBC SM-5028-2

Soloists: Steven Staryk, Richard Dorsey, David Carroll, Christopher Catchpole, Scott Ross, Fred Rizner, Robert Aitken, Martin Berinbaum

1. Brandenburg Concerto no 1 in F major, BWV 1046; 2. Brandenburg Concerto no 2 in F major, BWV 1047
3. Brandenburg Concerto no 3 in G major, BWV 1048; 4. Brandenburg Concerto no 4 in G major, BWV 1049
5. Brandenburg Concerto no 5 in D major, BWV 1050; 6. Brandenburg Concerto no 6 in B flat major, BWV 1051

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